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Sky-CHG, LLC 8(a) Joint Venture

In 2016, Commonwealth established an 8(a) Joint Venture partnership with Skynet, Inc., a company operated by members of Acoma Pueblo. Skynet, Inc. is a tribal-owned small business and certified 8(a) firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Sky-CHG 8(a) Joint Venture offers clients much more than an archaeological and heritage compliance partnership; it also develops and facilitates solutions for the most complex and unique resources that are in-line with clients’ requests and budgets.


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Build and expand heritage management services for Acoma Pueblo and provide additional contracting opportunities that strengthen tribal relationships for Commonwealth.

The Joint Venture offers clients a full range of heritage management services. These include prehistoric and historic terrestrial survey, underwater archaeological investigations, collections and records management services, architectural history survey and evaluation, geophysical investigation, landscape architecture survey and design, historical planning, regulatory and legal compliance services, and geospatial design and analyses.

Sky-CHG has extensive experience working with tribal communities by providing services that respect and acknowledge tribal political systems, traditions, customs and laws. The Sky-CHG 8(a) Joint Venture is much more than an archaeological and CRM compliance partnership. The partnership develops and facilitates solutions to the complexities and unique resources that are in-line with the client’s requests, budgets, and alternative options to facilitate contracting.