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Maritime Archaeology

Arch crew during mechanized recovery of CSS Georgia-small
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Commonwealth’s maritime archaeological division (formerly under Panamerican Consultants, Inc.) is one of the largest in the United States and is capable of performing all levels and types of underwater investigations.

Our projects include off-shore, coastal, estuarine, and riverine environments throughout the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific seaboards of the U.S., the Great Lakes, and the Caribbean.

Fully insured for marine work, our maritime archaeology service line is one of the best-equipped in the nation. With its own in-house remote sensing survey and diving equipment, including state-of-the-art magnetometers, sidescan sonars, subbottom profilers, DGPS positioning and navigating systems, surface-supplied diving systems, and a fleet of vessels.

Maritime Archaeology services include:

  • Permit Compliance for Impacts to Navigate Waters
  • Remote Sensing Survey and Data Analysis
  • Pipeline Inspection and/or Relocation
  • GeoHazard and “Live Bottom” Surveys
  • Archival and Historic Research
  • Third-Party Data Analysis and Report Preparation
  • Search and Recovery
  • Assessment of Potential Significance of Sites and Features
  • Site Testing
  • Shipwreck Excavation