Eastern Michigan University’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation Announces the Commonwealth Scholarship to Increase Diversity in Historic Preservation

Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc.’s Foundation (Commonwealth Foundation) is proud to announce a new partnership with Eastern Michigan University’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation. This new partnership and opportunity will allow the Commonwealth Foundation to encourage a more diverse group of people to enter into the field by providing financial assistance to an academic program that feeds our industry.

The scholarship will be for a student during the 2020-2021 academic year.  If you know of anyone who would like to apply, please encourage them to do so. See below for more information:

Eastern Michigan University’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation is pleased to announce the inaugural Commonwealth Scholarship for the academic year 2020-2021, initiated by the Commonwealth Heritage Group, a heritage management and consulting firm.

Maximum award: $5000.

This scholarship is open to current and incoming students to this graduate program. Applicants must increase the diversity of the program and demonstrate financial need (FAFSA must reflect this). Additionally, applicants must submit:

• A cover letter and resume expressing interest and demonstrating need.
• A statement regarding interest in and/or experience with the preservation or interpretation of communities, landscapes, buildings, objects, and stories of diverse cultures.
• A statement regarding career plans that will include this important work.
• Two references (name, title, phone number, and email) on a separate page.

Please send application submission as ONE SINGLE PDF to with subject: Commonwealth Scholarship Application. By applying you agree to having professors as well as outside reviewers have access to all application materials.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Monday, August 17 at 5 pm EDT.

NOTE: If you are not in the program and would like to be, and feel you qualify for this scholarship, please consider applying immediately for entrance in Fall 2020. Please contact for guidance or see this link:

For questions please contact Nancy Bryk, Program Director, at

The Commonwealth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is proud to give back to stewards who want to preserve heritage and cultural resources. By providing funding for both heritage research and scholarships, the Foundation enables individuals to have a direct impact in their communities and neighborhoods, and helps those who are seeking financial aid for continuing education in the cultural resources industry. For more information on the Commonwealth Foundation visit

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