Supporting Small Businesses

By Alison Haller, M.S., Director of Marketing and Communications at Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc.

Today marks #smallbusinesssaturday, a social movement for customers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. While what we do is a very targeted market, we compete every day against massive companies and corporations. As a small business, we want to tell you that when you support small businesses, you’re not only purchasing a product or service, but customer service too. You become a name and not just an account number.

We’ve continued to operate as a small business for three decades, completing over 4,000 completed projects, and we believe there are some distinct advantages from other larger companies and reasons why you should support small businesses.

WHY, YOU ASK… (we thought you would never ask) ?

  • YOU ARE A NAME, NOT JUST AN ACCOUNT NUMBER with smaller business you receive a level of service and commitment that bigger firms save only for their largest clients
  • LESS RED TAPE – sometimes when you work with bigger corporations and enterprises, the paperwork process can seem endless, whereas we have the agility and structures in place to customize the workflow for each project of any size
  • FROM THE TOP DOWN – our clients receive direction, support and interaction from even senior partners
  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS/SERVICES WITH A COST AND BUDGETS IN MIND – we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services at a cost-effective price


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