Detroit’s Foundation Hotel is named one “One of the World’s Greatest Places” by Time Magazine

By Alison Haller, M.S., Director of Marketing and Communications at Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc.

The Detroit Foundation Hotel, formerly the Detroit Fire Department headquarters building, has been named one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Greatest Places in the World 2018.” Why is this important? It’s because the hotel has became the poster child of what can happen when historic preservation teams unite with developers, city officials and more.

The former fire department building has transformed into a stylish hotel incorporating redesigns from original tiling, marble, flooring and more. This recent adaptive-reuse project utilized the federal historic preservation tax credits, which enables the preservation of historic buildings through federal tax incentives and grant programs to support the rehabilitation of historic and older buildings. Next time you’re in Detroit, make sure to stop by!

To learn more about Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives, visit for more information or contact your state’s Historic Preservation Office.

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