Each client or review agency listed below offered their individual praise for Commonwealth Heritage Group’s outstanding results. If you’re seeking a full–service cultural resource management firm, we hope to add your name to this list in the future.


Letters of Commendation

Selected Awards


“We found the [Cultural Resource Management] Plan to be a thorough, well-conceived document demonstrating much attention to detail and internal consistency. In particular, we would like to cite the Plan’s personnel training provision, the distinction made between site-specific vs. river-wide management plans and policies, and general statement of policy as examples of its comprehensive approach to the management of properties listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.”
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation


“We consider the Commonwealth . . . [archaeological] report very well done and easy to work with. The site descriptions were concise and to the point, the arguments in support of the recommendations were clear, and the graphics gave detailed representations of the sites as well as the shovel testing done to find them.”
Brian D. Conway, State Historic Preservation Officer


“We commend the Monongahela National Forest and Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group [now Commonwealth Heritage Group] for the completion of this monumental report. The expertise and diligence exhibited by Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group during data recovery efforts has resulted in the excavation and interpretation of one of the most significant archaeological sites identified in West Virginia.”
West Virginia Division of Culture and History


“I found the report to be well written, thorough, and in fulfillment of the requirements of this contract. Thank you for providing excellent documentation of heritage resources.”
Ottawa National Forest, USDA Forest Service


“All of the members of the Franklin Historic District Study Committee are in complete agreement that Elaine Robinson [of Commonwealth Heritage Group] has been a most excellent consultant. Her work has been of the highest caliber. She has been very responsive, very forthcoming with knowledge and patience in explaining the various aspects of the, sometimes confusing, arena of historic preservation.”
Franklin Historic District Study Committee, Village of Franklin


“The Public Museum of Grand Rapids, the Norton Mounds Project Staff Team and the Norton Mounds Advisory Council members take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the compilation of The Norton Mounds Site: A Description and History of a Prominent Cultural National Historic Landmark. Upon investigation and review, working with your principal investigator, Michael Hambacher, Ph.D was educational and enlightening. Mr. Hambacher was able to assist our staff with various questions, suggestions and other aspects of advising which have proven to be of benefit not only to the report, but to the Norton Mounds Cultural Resource Project in its entirety.”
Public Museum of Grand Rapids


“Our office found the [archaeological survey and evaluation] report [prepared for NCDOT] to be very informative and well written. We would like to especially recognize the efforts of Susan E. Bamann [Commonwealth Heritage Group] and Shane Petersen [NCDOT] for their familiarity with the archaeological record and their attention to detail.”
Ramona M. Bartos, North Carolina Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer


“This [adverse effects documentation] information will contribute to the public’s understanding of the historical significance of the [Eau Claire Dells] bridge and park, and to the evolving history of the county itself. We are pleased to have been part of the mitigation process. We commend you and the Marathon County Highway Department for your excellent documentation of the historic property, and for your continued attention to this project.”
Chip Harry L. Brown, III, J.D., Wisconsin Historical Society


Selected Awards

2016: Michigan Historic Preservation Network Government/Institution Award – M-231/US-31 Holland to Grand Haven Archaeological Data Recoveries


2015: Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation (MI) – M-231 Project, Ottawa County, Michigana


2015: Virginia Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects, Merit Award – Cedar Hill Cemetery Preservation Plan, Suffolk, Virginiab


2015: Virginia Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects, Merit Award – Blue Ridge Parkway System-Wide Historic Resource Survey, North Carolina and Virginiab

2011: Virginia Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects, Merit Award – Ninety Six National Historic Site Cultural Landscape Report, Ninety Six, South Carolinab


2011: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Chairman’s Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation – National Register Listing of Three Confederate Camps Dating to the First Year of the Civil Warb


2010: Utah Heritage Foundation Heritage Award – 1929 Red Butte Reservoir Valve House Stabilization Project, Salt Lake County, Utahc


2010: Society for American Archaeology (SAA), Public Audience Book Award – Digging in the City of Brotherly Love: Stories from Philadelphiab


2010: Texas Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award – Park Road 4 Cultural Landscape Report and National Register Nomination, Blanco, Texasb


2010: Outstanding Beneficial Landscape Environmental Quality Award – Fort Bliss Landscape Handbook for Historic Properties, El Paso, Texasb


2007: Alexandria Archaeological Commission, Ben Brenman Archaeology in Alexandria Award, Outstanding Private Archaeologists Award – New Methods for the Identification of Civil War Campsitesb


2002: Outstanding Special Project Award, Delaware Department of Transportation – Tyler McConnell Bridge, New Castle, Delawareb


2002: Society for American Archaeology Excellence in Cultural Resources Management Award –
Five Points Archaeological Project, Lower Manhattan, New Yorkb


2000: U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration National Quality Initiative Bronze Award – US-131 S-Curve Realignment Project, Grand Rapids, Michigana


2000: ACRA Quality Product Award, American Cultural Resources Association –Warships and Yardbirds: An Illustrated History of the Pennsylvania Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniab


1999: U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration Environmental Excellence Award for Excellence in Archaeological Resources – Site 31BR52, Bertie County, North Carolinad


a awarded to Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group, now Commonwealth Heritage Group
b awarded to John Milner Associates or JMA, a CCRG Company, now Commonwealth Heritage Group
c awarded to Sagebrush Consultants, now Commonwealth Heritage Group
d awarded to Coastal Carolina Research, now Commonwealth Heritage Group

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